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Postal Code: 11.000 - Montevideo, Uruguay

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  • Gastronomy

  • Services

  • Construction

  • Urban projects

  • Real Estate, Administrative

  • Property Owners

  • Adm. Livestock ventures

  • Free Zone

  • Shop women's apparel and men

  • Gas Stations

  • Tire shop and light engineering

  • Closeouts income tax for companies and individuals

  • Toy

  • Health Care Clinic

  • Computer and Information Security

  • Parking



.:Service Areas:


Accounting, Tax and Labor


I) (VAT and Income Tax):



Systems Engineers

Medical Doctors


II) Sector Services:

Import and Export of Hardware and Software. ( SRL)

Import and Export of Hardware and Software. (Sade Zones)

Consulting Services and Security. (Sole).

Parking (Sociedad de Hecho).

Radiological Clinic, medical care. (Sole).



III) Industrial Products:

Machine Shop and Gomería. (Sole).

Furniture. (SRL).

Service Station (Gas Station), (located in the Department of San Jose).

Shop women's apparel and men.

Import and sale of medical-surgical (SA)

Sale of Spare Parts and repair of carburetors (Sole).

Repair and Construction Company building construction (SRL, Sole and SA).

Toy (SA).

Pasta Factory


IV) Agricultural Sector

Entrepreneurship in the interior forest (SA-Department of San Jose).

Investments of fattening cattle (Departments of Florida and Durazno).


V) Property Management Sector

Field Administration in Cologne and Rocha.

Fractionation Administrator (SA).

Companies owning real estate.


VI) District Private-Allotment and Fractionation

Design and implementation of Business (Sole and SA)

VII) Investment Projects.

Development of real estate investment project (Canelones Department)


Audit and Internal Control

Thompson Building in Montevideo and Punta del Este.

Textile Export Company.

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Judicial Reports

The Chron Diego Feldman is a member of the list of Expertise in the Supreme Court of Uruguay.  



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